Philly Socialists


We are dedicated to building the base for socialist politics by organizing the unorganized. That means creating projects that serve the people and fight the power: The Cesar Andreu Iglesias Community Garden, free English classes, our bimonthly newspaper—just to name a few. These were built not by a few wealthy donors, but through the collective efforts and financial contributions of our members. 

We believe these kinds of efforts are the best chance the socialist movement has to develop the kind of power we'll need to replace capitalism. We support the more than dozen independent organizations doing this kind work around the country, most of them no more than five years old. Together, we represent an important trend in the wider socialist movement. 

More so than ever before, people are interested in building a genuine alternative to the current political and economic arrangement in our country. However, if those people are not organized, they will be swept back into the arms of both the Republicans and Democrats—neither of which has a just or sustainable vision for the direction of our country. 

Everyone has something to give to this movement. Some donate, some make a few phone calls every couple months, and attend occasional membership meetings. Others work at it nearly every day. Philly Socialists is an organization that can fit into your life, not one that demands you fit into ours. Whatever you can contribute, we want you to join us. 

Get involved by joining or donating, reach out to us on Facebook, or sign up for our mailing list.