winter rewind


Welcome to March! Happy International Working Women's Day. We know that the work is never-ending, and under the work is work, but there are blooms and sprouts coming from the soil of this winter's ventures and all past endeavors, and this Spring foretells of breezy abundance, and more inter-connectivity, interdependence, and growth. Forward is the motion.


The César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden brought people together with two seed starting gatherings this winter. Many new people from the neighborhood and beyond came to plant seeds and talk about the state of the garden, and dream for the 2019 growing season. As the aggressive wave of gentrification continues throughout the city, some PS members have been putting public pressure on councilperson Maria Quiñones-Sánchez to recognize the space as sovereign to the community.

Seed Starting Gathering at Pilot Projects

Seed Starting Gathering at Pilot Projects

As many of the city's land programs do not represent their constituents let alone the gardens, the struggle continues to bring this piece of land and its gifts to the community. We are currently working diligently to gain tenure of the land, as very recently a developer (JBA Group LLC) purchased a parcel well under market value through contacting the holders of the title. Get involved with the garden this year. The growing space and food production is only one aspect of sovereignty that gardens serve.

Dignity Project

The Dignity Project is a recent base-building endeavor for the working class in Philadelphia. Organizers and volunteers have been tirelessly canvassing neighborhoods and scouting for working class leaders to organize in their workplaces for worker's rights and lapses in enforcing worker's rights at businesses and accountability of bad bosses around the city. Worker's rights depend on collective action.

Because workers create all the value of a business, and the perennial offenses on the rights and dignities of the worker are timely as ever, it is up to us to make sure we continue to organize and continue the struggle for safe, equitable, and fair workplaces and conditions. This project is broad in scope, strong in heart, and could use many hands on deck. If you are interested in strengthening your grassroots organizing skills, and getting more involved in the groundwork for revolution, check in with Dignity and learn what you can contribute to this necessary effort. Currently, there is still much canvassing work, organizer meetings to attend, events to promote, calls to make, inspiration to ignite, a formal campaign to decide on, and mobilization to encourage. All power to the people.


The next print issue of The Partisan has the theme of SOIL! What goes into the soil in a city, what is the life-giving and sustaining substance that brings us together to nourish and sustain our efforts. Specifically soil related in Philadelphia, also perennially ongoing, but gaining momentum and power in activist and communities alike are the politics of land, environment, agriculture, and food access. The Partisan is currently seeking submissions in this realm for its next print issue, which is sure to be very enlightening as it relates to the most basic reality of the means of production: land. Get involved with The Partisan today, and help with bringing together this issue!

General Assembly

The results of the General Assembly included budget votes, new projects, fundraising and political education directors, and Philly Socialists joining the Marxist Center. Our political education director is putting together some amazing platforms and workshops which will be rolled out in the near future.

There is much more to come with the national collective, as we continue to learn and contextualize the victories, gains, and movements of the working class across the country. Be sure to visit Regeneration Magazine, the journal of the Marxist Center.  Stay tuned.

Miscellaneous updates

Prommunism is coming!!!!

We put together an educational event with women from Spain and Argentina on women's strikes. Happy International Working Women's Day!

Legal defense team and prisoner solidarity projects are gathering momentum.