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Many of these resources are also open for use by non-members. If you like what you see, think about supporting our organization by donating or becoming a regular dues-paying member.

Get connected!

Be connected to conversations that are happening in the organization!

Join our strategy list-serv to be involved in internal discussions about socialist strategy and the direction of our organization. Join our main discussion group on Facebook for general updates and conversations among members. Click HERE to learn how to join both!

Here's a list of some of our most active Facebook Discussion Groups

Political Education: Learn and discuss theory and current events with members.

Jobs, Housing, and Survival: Join our informal solidarity network.

Dolphin Caucus: The (un)official name of our not cis-man caucus

Non-White Caucus: Not white? Hang out with the rest of us not whites.

Ability Caucus: To those with all forms of disabilities (physical, cognitive, mental illness, or any other related experiences).

Drexel Socialists: Check this out if you go to Drexel!

Temple Socialists:  Check this out if you go to Temple!

Philadelphia Partisan: Want to contribute to, edit, or distribute our quarterly journal? 

Design Collective: Make pretty things. Teach us how to make pretty things.

ESL Classes: Interested in helping our ESL program? Join!

César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden: Come out and help the community garden!

Resources and Guides

Read our Constitution, anti-bullying and sexual harassment policies if you haven't!

Also, remember that if you are ever uncomfortable with anyone or unsure about whether something constitutes a violation of our behavioral policy, feel free to anonymously report or to directly email the Arbiters at

Check out our Google Drive and Google Calendar

They are full of helpful guides, tips, and reminders/events.

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