is a political organization committed to creating a just and sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. As socialists, we believe in freedom, democracy and the right to basic human dignity. Capitalism denies us these things. Only revolutionary change that ends capitalism will win us the future we deserve - and only a massive, organized force can get us there.

Winter Rewind

Welcome to March! Happy International Working Women's Day. We know that the work is never-ending, and under the work is work, but there are blooms and sprouts coming from the soil of this winter's ventures and all past endeavors, and this Spring foretells of breezy abundance, and more inter-connectivity, interdependence, and growth. Forward is the motion.


The César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden brought people together with two seed starting gatherings this winter. Many new people from the neighborhood and beyond came to plant seeds and talk about the state of the garden, and dream for the 2019 growing season. As the aggressive wave of gentrification continues throughout the city, some PS members have been putting public pressure on councilperson Maria Quiñones-Sánchez to recognize the space as sovereign to the community.

As many of the city's land programs do not represent their constituents let alone the gardens, the struggle continues to bring this piece of land and its gifts to the community. We are currently working diligently to gain tenure of the land, as very recently a developer (JBA Group LLC) purchased a parcel well under market value through contacting the holders of the title. Get involved with the garden this year. The growing space and food production is only one aspect of sovereignty that gardens serve.

Dignity Project

The Dignity Project is a recent base-building endeavor for the working class in Philadelphia. Organizers and volunteers have been tirelessly canvassing neighborhoods and scouting for working class leaders to organize in their workplaces for worker's rights and lapses in enforcing worker's rights at businesses and accountability of…Read More…